Roam the charming Marbella Old Town


Scientists have found remains that the area was inhabited since the Paleolitic and Phoenician eras and it was only on the 6th century when the city was taken by the Arabs.It is thought,  the name is derived from what the Arabs called Marbal La, during the Islamic rule. At this time, int the 10th century, the Moors built many lighthouse towers along the coast which are still standing today as well as a citadel, an Alcazaba and a wall to protect the town.

Around 1485, Marbella passed on to the hands of the Christians and the city was entitled capital of the region, it was then when the famous Plaza de los Naranjos was built.

To protect the inhabitants of Marbella from Mediterranean pirate raits, the San Luis fort was constructed in 1725, and later destroyed by the French during the end of the Peninsualr War, and its remains can be seen in the gardens of the Hotel el Fuerte.

In the 19th century, Marbella started to grow more rapidly and  expands beyond the historic old town.

Roam the charming Marbella Old Town

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Roam the charming Marbella Old Town

In Marbella old Town, a maze of narrow cobbled streets invites you to get lost and enjoy the colours and smells of its fachades, restaurants and bars.

Discover the wonders of Marbella Old Town

There many hidden secrets in Marbella Old Town, such us churches, museums chapels, castles, walls and stately homes